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Since it is Halloween I want to encourage fun and costumes. So to that end I am offering this. Dress like an Adventurer!! Come dressed as an Adventurer and get a Free Re-Roll! But James, why all this for a free ReRoll?? No Ladies and Gents........theirs more! I will be bringing cupcakes from publix. Yes, tasty whipped cream cupcakes! A re-roll and cupcakes? Thats it?? No thats not it. You will just have to show up and find out See you guys soon!!

After talking with everyone and getting some good feed back I am gonna keep with our current format of Game Days. Me, Logan, Andrew and Patrick are avaliable to help with anything. Just message us. We are getting our info out there and we are seeing new faces every game day. We are going to be announcing the regular games and whats being played and where. Plus announcements from abroad. When Convention season kicks back in we will be talking about our local Conventions Ancient City and Rapier Con and our State Conventions like Mega-Con and Hurri-Con. We touched a bit on this last Game Day and we will in the future.

Player Notes:
For new players, we will have PreGens on hand. Level 1, 4, and 7. So do not worry about not getting in on a higher level game. The chronicle sheet you earn you can apply to any character when that character reaches the approprate level or a new character. Also PFS Numbers will be supplied as well. You can check out the Players Guide to PFS (freedownload at paizo) and make a character. I will also have a copy on hand. We will have a set up for Hero Lab Soon! To reserve a spot please message me or leave a reply below. Tell me your character class, level and what game you are interested in.

Afternoon Slot 12pm-6pm

Voice in the Void Tier 1-2, 3-4, 6-7
DM: James
1) Stuart lvl-3 Fighter
2) Patrick lvl ? Unknown
3) Kevin lvl-3 Barb/Fighter
4) Mike E. lvl-1 Cleric

The Ice Bound Outpost Tier 1-5

DM: Andrew

1) John lvl-3 Summoner

2) Johnson lvl-2 Sorceror or lvl 3 Rogue

3) Cody Rawlings lvl-1 Wizard

4) Alec lvl-1 Oracle of Battle


Evening Slot 7pm-12am

You Only Die Twice Tier 5-6, 8-9 Voice in the Void Tier 1-7
Table 1 DM:Logan Table 2 DM: James

1) Andrew lvl-5 Gunslinger 1) Johnson lvl-3 Rogue or lvl-2 Sor
2) Patrick lvl-? Unknown 2) John lvl-3 Summoner
3) Kevin lvl-5 Rogue 3) Cody Rawlings lvl-1 Wizard
4) 4) Alec lvl-1 Oracle of Battle
5) 5) Violet lvl-1 Rogue
6) 6)

7) 7)


Not Seated Yet:

1) Lawson

2) Dan & Guest