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Rally to Defend our Gun Rights in NH

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We will be presenting a resolution to the Governor, NH Senate and NH House stating that they have no authority to enact further gun control. We are the grantors of their authority and it is high time they started honoring their oath to the Constitution.If they choose to defy the Constitution it is up to us to hold them accountable and stop this madness by removing them from office. The law is on our side and it is up to us to stand up for our rights as Free Americans.

This rally will be a success with your attendance. This is the time our founders warned us about and gave us remedy for in our Constitution do not be faint of heart and miss attending this. NH is your state and we will not be badgered by the media or any others to give up our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. See Article 2a NH Bill of Rights. We intend on putting our NH government on notice and sending a message that will repeat about our country. This event will have teeth in it using our NH Constitution. Do not miss this event even if it costs you a days pay. Your liberty and the freedom of your family, children and grandchildren is certainly worth a days pay.

We will have multiple speakers and I will read the resolution and be asking for signatures of those that support the resolution. I urge you all to contact all you know and ask them to attend as we must show huge numbers at this event. I have printed 2,000 fliers and if you want fliers contact