What we're about

This meetup is a group of like-minded people focused on personal development, leadership development, productivity and goal achievement.

Anyone who is interested in learning and sharing tips or techniques related to time management, productivity, goals, personal development or leadership should join this group.

Have a favourite book on leadership, let's hear about it. A favourite time management guru, please share. What has inspired you to change? What are your challenges? You get the idea.

Sponsored by Chris Nixon, a local Coach and Consultant, productivity systems specialist, expect periodic online and in-person meetups to discuss the topics noted.

The group will be what we make of it. If these topics of interest resonate with you, please share with your peers, the larger the group's foundation the more everyone will benefit.

Please also join MyPurposefulLiving on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyPurposefulLiving/) to team up with like-minded people.

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Life Plan Creative – 5 days (evening)

Online event

Life Plan Creative – 5 days (mid-day)

Online event


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