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Wahkeena Springs Loop & Picnic (weather permitting)

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This trail never fails to be a pleasure. It starts out beautiful and it ends that way too. Oh and the hike will happen rain or shine - only the picnic part is subject to change in response to weather. The trail starts with some beautiful stonework and a wooden bridge over Wahkeena Creek. The trail climbs in one long switchback to a stone bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls ( Expect a bit of spray on the trail here year-round. From here, the trail starts up a pretty steep section, climbing about 600' in about half a mile. There are beautiful rock walls, another bench cemented into a wall and better views the higher you climb. At the top of this first climb, you'll crest a ridge. Follow the pavement out to the point, called Lemmon's Viewpoint ( A plaque at this location commemorates a firefighter who gave his life fighting forest fires near here. The views from the point are really good up and down the river.

The main trail turns to dirt here and quickly enters Wahkeena Canyon ( This is a very narrow canyon, just wide enough for the creek and the trail. Every step is up, but every step is rewarding as the creek tumbles past. The trail switches back a few times and soon you'll reach Fairy Falls (, a beautiful fan form falls right next to the trail. There's a bench here to relax on while you take in the views. Above Fairy Falls, the trail makes several short switchbacks and reaches a junction with the Vista Point Trail #419 ( Turn left here and take the 419 trail up for about a mile to a 4 way trail junction ( at about 1600' elevation.

Although short, don't underestimate the challenge of this trail - anytime you have to get from river level to the ridge above the gorge, you are going to work for it.

Distance: 3.7 miles

Hike Duration: half day...

Elevation gain: 1500 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Carpool Rider Donation - $5.

Views: Waterfalls and beautiful burbling creek and spring that comes from nowhere and gushes forth into a full flowing stream

Social: We will have an idea of the weather the week of so I'll update the posting about picnic then - if not, we can always have a nice snack/beverage at Multnomah Falls - that is always wonderful... And of course, you can always choose to get the exercise and continue on with your day straight after..


West Side - Barber Transit Center located at 9750 SW Barbur Blvd -

Departure time: 8:00 from Southeast end of parking lot (the corner furthest from Portland - closest to Capitol Highway) upon entering. I will be stopping here.

here is the link:

East Side - Gateway Transit Center located at NE 99th -

Departure time: 8:15 Give yourself enough time to locate other Wanderers as it is a popular meeting spot. I (Jill) will not be stopping at this location but will meet drivers and riders from here at the designated time at trail start.

here is the link:


From Portland, drive east on I-84 to Exit 28 (Bridal Veil). Drive east on the Historic Highway 2.4 miles to the Wahkeena Trailhead and Campground.


As always...

We combine enjoyment of the trail with respect for everyone’s time. A steady pace and we just keep going! If you are in the lead you will end up waiting at trail junctions. If you are in the back you will be asked to do your best to keep up with the group and at waiting points the group may move on as soon as you are within sight. Our pace averages 2 - 2.5mph. We do get separated from time to time as everyone walks their own pace but please bear in mind that you will need to be able to stay within a reasonable distance from the group. Make sure this is something you are prepared for and would enjoy. If you do find you need to separate from the group, just be sure to let someone know. The lead and the sweep will do their best to be aware if someone runs ahead or falls behind but we all need to be aware that the only one who can truly be responsible for anyone is that person himself/herself.

Please always check your email the night before just in case there are any necessary adjustments to the hike details. Cancellations or any adjustments will be posted by 10pm the previous evening.

RSVP etiquette: Only RSVP when you can commit to attend. Once you have RSVP'd if something comes up that means you have to cancel please change your RSVP asap. That applies even if you are on the waitlist. You don't want any no-shows on your participation history but even more important, by so doing you are respecting each other. I'm happy to say that Wanderers are very good at that.

Print out driving directions (even if you plan to ride) and give yourself time to find the trail head so that you arrive prior to the scheduled time. That is the time we head out on the trail (barring any unforeseen accident etc. which may have held me up - in which case I would understand that it did you as well). It would be disappointing to miss having you on the hike due to late arrival. You will be left behind if carpool(s) have arrived and you are not ready to head out at the hike start time.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes with good rugged soles that are well broken in.

TO BRING: YOU! glorious hiker person you – dying to hit the trails and laugh, talk, sweat and enjoy in a group of like minded Wanderers… And yes, you should always bring clothing, water and food appropriate to the outing as described.

NOT TO BRING: Anything with a heartbeat other than yours (even if they are cute and well behaved)

Car pool etiquette- First and foremost....come prepared to drive. Yes.....I know.....a lot of you are trying to car pool because you don't want to or can't drive for whatever reason. I don't want you to be disappointed, so if you can't drive please be aware that you might not be able to join the hike. First to arrive get first available seats. If there is a showdown, past drivers will get priority. Although it is always good to communicate that you are planning on meeting at a carpool location, we can't guarantee anyone a seat because we never know until that day who will show up (or when). We do our best to work it out and make everyone happy but we need everyone on the same page to make it work. Guideline for rider donations...$5 one hour or less to trailhead $10 over one hour to trailhead. Please insist your driver accept the money. It's to cover more than gas's the wear and tear on the vehicle and driver. We like to take care of our drivers! Please try to use locations listed - if you want to be creative, take it off line and communicate directly with whoever you want to go with.

SAFETY: I love the outdoors but like many of you, I am in no way any kind of survival expert or lifeguard. Each person (including me) who signs up for these adventures knows the risks inherent in stepping out of bed. Getting out on the trail presents a whole new set of challenges.. We do the best we can to watch out for each other, yet sometimes the unexpected happens. In fact, we expect it AND plan for it. As above, in spite of best intentions, there may be times when you might have to separate from the group. Please take a little time to evaluate if you are prepared for whatever you might encounter if you find yourself on your own. Your pack contents can determine the success of your outing. I have found that good footwear, a pack with a waistband and walking sticks for longer/steeper hikes have paid off big time. Here is a link to a guide for hiking safely with a list of essentials the prepared carry:

And as always, you can email me or other group members for suggestions.

WHEN HIKE IS FULL/CLOSED: A popular hike is a double edged sword - wonderful to have many who want to do it and disappointing to see that a spot is not guaranteed. Please do not "crash" the hike. This is important because I want to honor those who follow the guidelines and are patiently waiting for their name to be added to the confirmed list. Once I have an idea of how the attendance is, I can adjust group size accordingly so we have the right number of participants for us all to have a quality experience.