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Furries invade Downtown Portland PART TWO!

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So, seeing as the first fursuit walk was so fun, I decided, how about another, huh?
So! Same thing as last time, really. Meet in Director Park. It's kitty corner from Nordstroms. Since some people had difficultly finding Director Park, we'll have a few people waiting at Pioneer Square. However, only one of us, maybe, considering the amount of bums and not-so-kind people who hang around there. Same location in Director Park, by the checkerboard. If more people decide this is a good idea, I will provide direct address for the park!! The time is in FST... Furry Standard Time ;3 Expect me to be a little bit late.


1. Please respect the fursuiters. I will be in suit, and I do not want people jumping in front of me, pulling my tail, etc. Same goes for all the other suiters!

2. If you will, keep smoking to a minimum, or not at all. I have a really bad cough, and when I inhale smoke, it seems to get worse to the point that I can't breathe, and begin to cough up blood. Also, I don't want my suit to pick up a smoke smell, coming from a non-smoking household.

3. HAVE FUN! It's not a serious parade, it's a FURRY parade, for crying out loud!