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Hello all! Moitsu Blackheart here to throw out a idea for a meet up that I would like to do on a occasional basis. I would like to host movie marathons at my place where we would feature themes or just have a series of movies that everyone would want to enjoy. I plan on host the first one soonish and the date will be planned ASAP.
==================THE MOVIES!=================
The first movie marathon I would like to have a miyazaki movie night. I don't have many of the movies but if you have some it would be great if you could bring em along so all can enjoy! I would like to span this over 1-2 days mostly friday and saterday but also possibly saterday and sunday on rare occasions as my schedule limits me. If any or all are interested go ahead and hit attend!
Now the cons to my place is that we may have problems with fitting more than 10-12 people in one space so the movie nights will be limited to a certain amount of people each time until I play to get a projector for my backyard and a screen so more can fit for the warmer times.
There is no restrictions to whom can come except for the rating of the movies and whether or not its ok with the parents wanna keep everyone happy here.
I would please request like most of the meet ups no alcohol but smoking is ok as long as it is done out back.
Between movies if the weather is nice the backyard is always open to just walk and stretch.
Food wise I would like to set up atleast popcorn for everyone and some drinks but i would like to encourage people to bring stuff for everyone to enjoy, it's not required. on that note by my place there is a couple fast food places and a safeway near by that's no more than a 10 min walking distance, so between movie breaks you could travel if you wish to the store I'll be more than happy to lead so that no one gets lost.
===========LOCATIONS ON WHERE TO GO!============
My house as stated down below in the where is in beaverton as it is a bit of a distance for some in portland but thanks to our handy dandy (somewhat unreliable but reliable enough) Trimet it makes getting to my place pretty easy. for those with cars im sure will have maps and other on dash guides so if you need better driving instructions please text me at 503-443-8191. Now for the others there is 3 ways to get to location with easy depending where you are at. As I'm sure there are many of you that know how to get to a max station I wont go that far into detail.
there are three max stops that have a bus that stops in front of the street to my house:
Millikan Way: Bus 62 to Washington square.
Beaverton transit center: Bus 88 South bound.
Sunset transit center: 62 to Washington square.
Each will passes by the stop of Murray blvd and 22nd
Each bus passes in front of the safe way before reaching the street and that's when you know you are almost there.
=========ARRANGEMENTS OF SLEEP OVER!============
As of right now it is currently undecided due to me not having much space and the comfort ability of the roommates that also live here. the downstairs can hold so many people along with my room not that big but can keep a person or two if need be. Now this is only if I get the acceptance to do so.
=============DRESSING AND BEHAVIOR=============
nothing out of the usual dress wise just you know nothing obscene?
fursuits are welcome and encouraged if you really want to....TAAAAAAAAAIIIILS
anywhozits thats the information that I have thus far (BUT MOITSU WHY DID YOU PUT THIS AS A PLAN WHEN ITS A ANNOUNCEMENT.) Because this is going to be planned to happen in the next month or so and will become a even which I will make and neccessary adjust ments to this meetup message.
If anybody has any suggestions, questions or concerns you can contact me by text 503-443-8191 or by email and I will do my best to answer accommodate and so on to make the experience better.
Along with that the donation jar for events will be there so that we can try to make better meet ups for everyone so donate if you would like!

Along with that as well (long winded I am) if a mess is made please be sure to help at the end to make the meetup more enjoyable!