Rose City Furs Eggstravaganza

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Hi all!

It is Easter time again and before we spend the holiday with our family we are getting together before then to celebrate with friends and have a eggstravagant event.

• What we'll do
Easter egg hunt!
We do this every year where anyone can join even those fluffier than the others (fursuiters). If we get a bunch of youngsters we will most likely hold a separate hunt for them. We do plan to have a prize for the one who is able to nab the most eggs.

We would like everyone to bring something to contribute so that everyone can eat and get their fill. What better to get to know one another but by food! If you are unable to contribute food we can also take donations to put towards food. If you absolutely cannot contribute anything we understand just do what you can.

we will have egg decorating, video games and whatever games anyone would want to bring for others to enjoy. We have a decent backyard if the weather is nice and those want to bring outdoor activities.

Hang out!
One of the best thing I can think of is meeting new people! you may see them in chat or see them comment in person and if they join you could meet them in person. So come and make some new friends and hang out with some old ones!

• What to bring
Food Stuff (meal type items or snacks)
Drinks (soda, juice, tea)
Games whatever you think is fun and what others may find fun

• Important to know
getting to the address can be easy as the 62 and 88 trimet bus stop on 22nd street and it a few blocks down the road. For those who are unable to drive themselves and cannot take transit I request anyone that has room or would be willing to help reach out to these parties so that we can get more to enjoy the fun. If you can offer help or need help please post here or on the telegram group!

I hope to see lots of people their and hope we can have another awesome hunt!