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Roseville has a multitude of gays and lesbians but does not have a Meetup specific to this area. I do not mind being an organizer in the sense that I can monitor and promote activities that are appropriate to our group. The Meetup I already am organizer of the Active Mature Gay Men group that really has its focus on Sacramento, and we have a monthly luncheon at Aviators, plus attend the Wisdom Project Elder Cafe. I encourage members to create their own events which I can announce, but activities from the group are rare...we had a couple of potlucks at private homes. This group would not be targeted to any age range but my interests would be on the mature side so I would not promote skateboarding adventures nor hang gliding!! The activities would not be necessarily limited, but I would not advertise those I do not deem appropriate.

Just to inform those of you who are not familiar with Meetup, as the organizer of this group I would be responsible for sending the announcements for group activities...I may create activities for the group, but I will expect members to also participate in creating activities. If I create an activity, I will HOST the activity....If someone wants to invite the Meetup to a party, or restaurant, or a musical session, or camping, then as organizer I would send out the announcement after all information is provide....date, time, location, expectations, etc....and this person would be the HOST of the event....and would make all arrangements, such as campground reservations, or dinner reservations, or a movie schedule. Those going will always need to post on the website, and the HOST will gather the names and can contact others through Meetup to give details, etc. As Organizer, I can always communicate with the entire group at once.

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