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Hi everyone,

This is group dedicated to the process of learning a meditation method that uses positive states as the object of meditation. This process was described by the Buddha in the earliest records of his talks. We will explore meditation on our own, and as part of a community. We meet on Thursdays about three times a month. I will post approximately one week before each meetup. We will start at 7 pm, meditate for 35 minutes, and finish with a talk and discussion till 8pm. We will also have time for those who would like to share how their practice is going.

All level meditators are welcome and beginning instruction is given when needed. I promote living in a way that encourages a calm mind and happier existence. Although I use many resources for my talks, I do rely heavily on the teachings of the Buddha, who was a wonderful guide. We are not a religious organization; in fact this practice fits well for anyone, regardless of religious affiliations.

Neuroscientists have reported that brain structure changes after only eight weeks of meditation.

If you sit down to meditate and find you can’t focus for more than a few seconds, you’re doing it right. Most people find it hard in the beginning. The method I use which makes it easier and more fun.

Remember, when you practice relaxation, you get better at it. You essentially train your brain to be efficient at relaxation. Meditation trains the mind and the body to be more relaxed. Meditation also supports a sharper mind, more energy, a longer attention span and a higher tolerance for pain. The body is an extension of the mind, if you calm the mind the body relaxes.

In the spirit of tradition, there is no charge for the class, but we do have a “Danna Bowl” if you would like to leave a couple dollars to help support our need for heat and air conditioning. You are not expected to leave anything and are welcome either way.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Jamie and Mike

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