• Fast Flipping & Wholetailing - My $160K Profit Deal

    Rocklin Event Center

    (See Below About Our New 500 Capacity Location!) I just finished and sold a fast real estate flip in 10 days and made a $160,000 profit after all expenses. So many people have asked me why I flipped this home, 3 hours away from Sacramento and in a totally different market! Join me at the Rocklin Event Center, with a 500+ capacity and a big stage, as I give an incredible training on the art of finding, rehabbing, and making insane money in the area of real estate wholetailing and fast flipping! I am even going to talk about my favorite negotiation strategies that have allowed me to sell my last 4 flips almost $200K over list price and yield even more money! I know a lot of people have been standing in the back of the room at Whitney, as we are almost always going over fire capacity, but now we have a really big room for this event... so be sure to make it and bring as many people as you want! This is going to be an amazing event to network and meet those people who can take your flipping and investing business to the next level! Plus it's FREE! David Oldenburg Founder and Leader Roseville Real Estate Investing Group