YouTube LIVE - Housing Crash 2020 - Is Real Estate Going To Drop Townhall

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It’s a YouTube LIVE Cinco De Mayo event at 6pm PT! Link to live event David Oldenburg will be hosting this fun and light - hearted event with Kevin Goehring, as they discuss the 2020 housing market, with the help of multiple guests! We want your opinion in the comments and we will shout out the best ones. We will also be asking guests some fun questions and keeping this more like a networking event!

Do you believe there will be a housing market crash in 2020 or beyond? Do you just want to network and meet others in real estate and real estate investing? Since we can’t do our normal huge real estate networking event for Cinco de Mayo, this is the next best thing to come together.

If you would like to be one of our guests for the live event, be sure to reach out to David Oldenburg, contact info below.

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David shares his expertise going from zero to 7 figures, as a serial business owner, real estate investor, a LIVE event speaker, radio talk show host sponsored by Billion dollar companies and offers almost 3 decades of real world, in the trenches experience! His YouTube channel is dedicated to anyone who wants to learn, make more money, and live the dream that we all want. Most videos and speaking events are about business, personal finance, and investing at any level from wanna-be to pro! Be sure to subscribe, for new videos each week :-)