What we're about

Ideas have consequences. What one thinks impacts one's life and behavior. The reason for this group is to become an open place so that people holding different viewpoints can have thoughtful discussions on issues important to our lives. Our focus will be on discussing the "big questions" of life including topics like truth, meaning, and freedom.

We hope to assert more than just opinions (statements of what we believe); we want to support our views with well-thought-out reasons. For this reason, we will work to avoid use of fallacies in making points. Our interactions should help all of us craft better arguments for our positions and become better thinkers in the process.

No one who becomes rude and extremely disrespectful in interacting others will be allowed to stay in the group (however, having different positions and critiquing another's view is not a sign of disrespect; so please make sure you are willing to have your position critiqued if you show up for a meeting :D).

In a nutshell, we want to use this group and the time we have together to think hard about the hard questions in life.

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