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Software Development Presentation Skills is a place for software developers (most often Apple, Claris and FileMaker and platform related developers) to get together and learn from each other, specifically on how to give group presentations. Monthly meetings sometimes feature guest speakers, who have significant experience in giving public presentations on technical subjects.

Many of us have been working in software development for years. Most of us have had to give presentations of some sort, not only to peers, but to clients and executives whom we want to impress. Presentations are often at conventions or other meetup groups. Sometimes they are given to prospective clients. Even the best speakers amongst us know that we can always get better at our presentation skills - if we are honest with ourselves. We likely have a set of skills and techniques we use, whether not we are conscious of them. Let’s work to make those skills conscious, and teach them to others. We owe it to our community and our own careers to enhance our skills and build community through sharing.

You will get a chance to rub elbows with other accomplished speakers, learn from them, and practice your own skills. Every member will get an opportunity to give a short presentation in due time. We will have a lot of 15 minute lightning rounds, which are excellent opportunities to sharpen a presentation and make it concise. Each meeting, members will be asked to give a concise introduction of themselves, in attempt to concisely fit an intro to one (1) minute in length.... which is a great chance to practice that elevator pitch, as well as focus on the important.

We will provide constructive feedback on everyone's introduction and presentation in due course. - We do not intend to be critical. This is all in the spirit of professionalism and fun. We will provide guidelines, but we have no intention of making the group militant, unlike some of the masters speaking clubs available.

We will provide links to education material, as we each discover it, as well as discuss what each of us is learning as we go along. There will be a free Slack forum available to members, through which we can share information, announcements and event opportunities.

We have some of the best, state-of the art, Google Meet hardware, including a 75” screen, when we use our physical meeting location. Other times, we meet via GoToMeeting. We will have a number of local attendees, and many more tuning in online, with webcams. If you attend remotely, you will need to have a webcam, so we can see your face. Come join us!

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