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Are you interested in natural law and time tested mystical principles? So are we! Participate in discussions on Rosicrucian esoteric philosophy, facilitated by an authorized Rosicrucian Initiate of A.M.O.R.C. (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). Topics include Meditation, Consciousness, the Nature of the Soul, the Aura and Astral Body, Energy, Psychic Centers, Reincarnation, Telepathy, Death (Transition), Karma, Visualization, and more. Come join us (non members and members) on the third Sunday of each month to share your spiritual journey, and learn more about the Rosicrucian approach to metaphysical study and psychic development. (No self promotion or marketers please.) We meet in the Normal Heights area at the United Lodge of Theosophists Bookstore, 3766 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA, 92105. AMORC members meet on the first Sunday of each month as well. In addition to our routine Sunday meetings we also host other events, including Energy Healing Techniques. CHECK THIS SITE FOR ADDITIONAL MEETUP DATES AND TIMES.

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The Spiritualization of Our Careers and Daily Life - Teleconference

Raymond Andrea in the AMORC book, The Technique of the Disciple, declares that whatever a person “has and prizes dearly can be re-created, clarified, and oriented in spiritual vision, and become a thing of sheer beauty in the light of the soul.” As the student on the spiritual path advances in maturity and the experience of unity, there is an increasing desire to make living 1) much more meaningful, 2) an increased expression of that unity and one’s highest ideals, and 3) a greater avenue of service to others. Hugh McCague will lead us in exploring Rosicrucian laws and practices that achieve these goals in a most efficient, ennobling, and enriching manner.

Psychic Powers - Department of Instruction Teleconference

Are psychic powers confined only to those with special talents and abilities, or can anyone experience them? In this teleconference and workshop with Ingrid Young, learn about some of the truths and myths concerning psychic abilities, share your own experiences, and practice a Rosicrucian exercise in enhancing your own innate intuitive abilities.

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