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Calm, but Alert. Relaxed, but ready. Smooth, but sharp. Humble, but confident.

Since the earliest history, security has been man’s vital necessity and human being has always been striving to provide persistent security in life .
We have all been granted a powerful defensive system in our body, called immune system , which is promptly activated by the very first virus or microbe attack to preserve life. As you see, your immune system is never off. It just reacts in special conditions. Now, if somebody is suffering a disorder in their immune system , such as Hepatitis and HIV , the body can be infected by a minor virus which manifests the significance of immune system . It is the same in our body . Can one live in peace and quiet without a worldwide defensive system, Is any peace persistent? However some are basically opposed to peace. We simply take no notice of the frightening newspaper reports, doubtless the next victim is not us or our family. No one will have their personal cap worldwide. So we defend ourselves or others against physical treats through systematic self-defense methods.

History of IISD

The Root

Haj mohammad Rostami (born 1938 in Behshar county Mazandaran province ) is the familiar face of professional wrestling at his youth. As time went by, he became the founder of the Martial Art Sambo In Mazandaran province In 1963.


Meanwhile the brothers of the family ( Abbas and Ramezan Rostami whom rest In peace ) were the champion of their own time in the weightlifting and professional wrestling fields.

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The Founder

Grand master Prof. Ali Rostami, was born in 1971 in Tehran, Iran. He was first introduced to Martial Arts & Self Defense through his honorable father and uncle who are pioneers in Russian Catch Wrestling. He began his first training in martial arts from an early age.


Prof. Ali Rostami is pioneering self-defense system in the world. He has decades of experience and have won many national and international championships. He was employed in the position of martial arts leader in several styles under the supervision of Iran’s Martial Arts Federation and the manager of Intelligent Self-Defense in public federation. At the moment, Prof. Ali Rostami is holding the chief of Self-Defense and Martial Arts Association, and the president of Jiu Jitsu International in the Middle-East. He is the founder of Rostami Intelligent Self-Defense (RISD) as well, which is recorded in Asian, Middle-East and European Federations, which has been applied in many counties all over the world .


Prof. Ali Rostami, backs away from the kind of Self Defense systems and sports which promotes violence and savagery. Instead, his main objectives are improving personal security, fitness, health conditions, disease recovery through sports, and ensuring oneself will be able to protect him/herself against aggressors and create a safer environment by training Intelligent Self-Defense.


The President

The honorable Master Poya Rostami began training in gymnastics at the age of 6. He proceeded to receive his training in martial arts such as KYOKOSHIN, WING CHUN, KUNG FU, KICKBOXING and IADIO under his grandfather & father’s supervision Prof. Ali Rostami who is the founder of International Self Defense & Martial Arts Association (ISDMAA) , Rostami Intelligent Self Defense (RISD) and the first bodyguard academy in Iran which is called International Persian Bodyguard Academy (IPBA).


After 20 years of experience in martial arts and winning national and international championships, Master Poya Rostami ranked the president of RISD,IPBA, representative of Jiu Jitsu International in Southeast Asia .


Mission Statement

The Rostami Intelligent Self Defense is solely dedicated to the development, personal safety and success of anyone desiring to acquire a better understanding of specific principles and concepts necessary to master the sophisticated and intricate mechanisms within the personal protection industry and the protective arts.

Our purpose is to construct, develop, and present the most effective, practical, and logical personal protection training platforms available to date for anyone desiring to develop their own personal protective skill levels from the professional to the apprentice. Our programs, training tactics and instructing are extremely effective and have produced incredible explosive skill levels truly second to none.

We pledge to provide modern and realistic approaches to training that are necessary for developing the mental and physical edge to defend yourself or your family from the type of violence that plagues our suburbs and cities. We will continue to research topical crime and violence trends and integrate new training procedures so our students are receiving current and up-to-date instruction that corresponds directly to the violence in our society.

Our mission is to prevent crime and save lives by providing people with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. We seek to dispel fear by instilling confidence and to encourage every individual to be their “own first responder” in times of crisis. Our purpose is to help protect that which is most sacred: a person’s humanity; their mind, body and soul from being violated by those who would wish him or her harm.


www.rostamiselfdefense.com (https://rostamiselfdefense.com/)

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