• Security: Front to back (with Eerk Hofmeester and Brian Vermeer)

    RotterdamJUG is happy to invite you to an inspiring meetup. Our host this time is Sanoma daughter Bolster Safety in Schiedam. We will be joined by well known cybersecurity expert and international speaker Brian Vermeer. Bolster will not only share their location and pizza, but also some of their insights on security from a business perspective. ‘How to hack a good meaning organisation?’ The front: What happens to an organisation when the GDPR train rolls over them and what measures do their developers have to take? The back: Great that they take these measures, but how do I as an (ethical) hacker gain access to the Java environment of such an organisation? -- Schedule -- 17h30 : Doors open 18h00 – 18h30 : Welcome and food 18h30 – 19h15 : Eerk Hofmeester: GDPR train thunders through Bolster 19h15 – 20h15 : Brian Vermeer: Live Hacking : Breaking into your Java web app 20h15 - 21h00 : Drinks (building closes at 21:00 sharp) -- GDPR train thunders through Bolster -- Bolster Safety creates an e-learning platform for workers in the high risk industry. That means they process a lot of privacy sensitive data. As a Sanoma company, their ‘mother’ is very keen on keeping up her reputation as a trustworthy organisation. As application developer this means half your backlog is suddenly filled with tickets the titles of which a non-technical person doesn’t even understand. But – what else is new? – all of them are High Priority and High Urgency. With a large dose of pragmatism and (self-)mockery he shows what this means for an organisation and development team. Speaker: Eerk Hofmeester, Product Owner and Dev Team Lead @ Bolster Safety Eerk has a 30+ years background in functional design, UX and UI, enterprise architecture, business analysis and product development. As Product Owner of the Bolster application and Team Lead of its development team Eerk has a unique perspective on both the demand and supply sides of privacy and security questions that are aimed at applications. -- Live Hacking : Breaking into your Java web app -- In this session, we will demonstrate how common vulnerabilities in the Java eco-system are exploited on a daily base by live hacking real-world application libraries. All the examples used are commonly known exploits, some more famous than others, such as Apache Struts and Spring break remote code execution vulnerabilities. By exploiting them and showing you how you can be attacked, before showing you how to protect yourself, you will have a better understanding of why and how security focus and DevSecOps is essential for every developer. Speaker: Brian Vermeer, Developer Advocate @ Snyk Brian is Software Engineer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in creating and maintaining software. He is passionate about Java, (Pure) Functional Programming and Cybersecurity. Brian is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and regular international speaker on mostly Java related conferences like JavaOne, Oracle Code One, Devoxx BE, Devoxx UK, Jfokus, JavaZone and many more. Besides all that Brian is a military reserve for the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a Taekwondo Master / Teacher. -- Directions -- Location: Bolster Safety (DCMR building), Parallelweg 1, Schiedam How to get there: Public transport: The DCMR building is a one minute walk from the train station Schiedam Centraal. Take the exit ‘Parallelweg’ (north side) and the building is in front of you. Car: Take the Parallelweg and drive around the DCMR building for the parking garage. Use the intercom to get in.

  • Going Full Stack with GraphQL

    Port of Rotterdam

    It has been a while, but the Rotterdam JUG is back. This time we are hosting an event at the Port of Rotterdam HQ with a great speaker: Rachèl Heimbach ==== Schedule: ==== 18:00 - 18:30 : Come in, enjoy the amazing view of Rotterdam 18:30 - 19:15 : Grab a slice of pizza and a drink 19:15 - 19:30: Race to get the best seat available, get comfy 19:30 - 21:00: Rachèl Heimbach: Going Full-Stack with GraphQL 21:00 - 22:00: Discussion/socializing! ==== Talk: ==== Title: Going Full-Stack with GraphQL Description: REST is a great convention on paper, but is it actually good enough for today's variety of clients like web, mobile, IoT etc? Is there a better alternative? GraphQL's query language can drastically change the way you think about data models and state-management. Besides solving REST's over-fetching and need for many HTTP calls, GraphQL can power your complete client/backend stack by introducing a single source of truth data model. This allows GraphQL based tooling like Apollo to take over your client's state-management and allows you to focus on what actually matters: building a great user experience. In this talk we'll learn how to put GraphQL (Java) in front of an existing Java REST backend and how to power a brand new microservice architecture with GraphQL (Node) + Apollo Federation. Both cases will be connected to clients built in React that rely fully on Apollo's magical GraphQL based state-management. About Rachèl: Software Engineer at OpenValue who loves to learn and share new things. Has a weak spot for Full Stack development. Currently works with Apollo and GraphQL in a microservice architecture. ==== Reservation ==== We have limited seats available and would appreciate subscribing only if you are really coming, otherwise we are forced to blacklist you for further events. ==== Final words ==== Rotterdam JUG wants to thank: Port of Rotterdam for providing the location for this meetup. OpenValue for not only providing the speaker, but also buying pizza and drinks! *applause*

  • Coin Mining Tycoon at the Rotterdam JUG

    Havenbedrijf Rotterdam

    Our second meetup of 2019: == Coin Mining Tycoon == Want to learn more about blockchain technology using a game and some Java programming? Join this interactive meetup! Group9 created a game named "Coin Mining Tycoon" and they host this workshop. The game uses blockchain technology and pushes the limits of the possibilities of modern hardware (we use Raspberry Pi Zero's to run the game!). Your task, as a starting tycoon, is to collect as much 'money' as possible. You do this by mining blocks with coins and creating the longest chain, using your *own* mining equipment (both hardware and software). Only coins that are part of the longest chain count towards the highscore. The one who has the most coins on the longest chain wins the game. There are of course several challenges that you must overcome. Participating tycoons can try to make their own longest chain, but also use other people's chain as a starting point. Smart tycoons build a more efficient mining algorithm, or start collaborating with other tycoons by creating a joint mining venture. Everything to get the longest chain with the most coins. Strategic tycoons can buy information (cheats/hints) that are useful when mining coins. However, this costs them expensive coins... Schedule: [18.00 – 18.30] Walk-in [18.30 – 19.00] Drinks and food (vegatarian options available) [19.00 – 21.30] Workshop: Coin Mining Tycoon [21:30 – 22:00] Drinks and chats This meetup will be an interactive session: !! Bring a laptop !! = Workshop: Group9 The game and the workshop is created by Group9: http://group9.nl/ = Food/drinks: OpenValue Rotterdam OpenValue Rotterdam, a new company in the region, will sponsor the food and drinks for this event. https://openvalue.nl/ = Location: Port of Rotterdam The location of this meetup will be the same as our first meetup, a building owned by the Port of Rotterdam (thanks for having us again!). Droogdokweg[masked] JL Rotterdam = RSVP now: There are just 30 spots available, so RSVP quickly, if you can't make it, be sure to give up your spot.

  • RotterdamJUG does Kotlin (Workshop)

    Lunatech Office

    2019, a new year, time to broaden the horizon and learn new skills. This meetup we're going to take a look at Kotlin, an upcoming JVM language that is slowly conquering the Java world. https://kotlinlang.org/ "Give a Java programmer a week of Kotlin, he/she will never go back" Schedule: [18.00 – 18.30] Walk-in [18.30 – 19.00] Drinks and pizza's (vegatarian pizza's available) [19.00 – 22.00] Kotlin workshop (Paulien van Alst) [22:00 - 22:30] Kotlin is for hipsters (Riccardo Lippolis & Jorrit van der Ven) This meetup will be an interactive session: !! Bring a laptop !! We'll start off with a hands-on Kotlin workshop by the excellent Paulien van Alst from OpenValue. (https://twitter.com/PaulienVanAlst). = Kotlin workshop (Paulien van Alst) In this workshop, you will build a simple webservice in Kotlin and hopefully see how easy it can be to write new business functionality. No Hello, World app guaranteed! You will be developing a true microservice with real business rules. The workshop offers you to jump in at different levels: from totally new to Kotlin to the more experienced ones. The covered topics are (data) classes, collections and types (type alias), inheritance, interfaces and extension functions, coroutines and Kotlin’s interoperability with Spring. = Kotlin is for hipsters (Riccardo Lippolis & Jorrit van der Ven) Most developers like using cool, shiny, new technologies. But at the same time, we embrace the 'known' older technology stacks when creating software which will run in production, and for good reason! At the Port of Rotterdam we decided to take a leap of faith and embrace our inner hipsters. Unhindered with any prior experience, we started developing our applications using Kotlin. In this short talk, we will share our experiences with developing in Kotlin for a few months. Hopefully, we will enthuse you to make the same decision! = Host: Lunatech Also, many thanks to this events new host: Lunatech Lunatech is also sponsering the food and drinks, awesome job. = RSVP now: There are just 50 spots available, so RSVP quickly, if you can't make it, be sure to give up your spot.

  • Microservices at the Port of Rotterdam

    Havenbedrijf Rotterdam

    During this first Meetup we'll officially start the RotterdamJUG. Schedule: [17.30 – 18.00] Walk-in [18.00 – 19.00] Drinks and pizza's, official kick-off [19.00 – 20.30] Microservices at the Port of Rotterdam (Roy van Rijn) We'll start by digging into pizza's and celebrate the new JUG. Next we can brainstorm on where to take it from here. Finally I'll give a talk about our (Java) project at the Port of Rotterdam. I'll talk about the problems we've faced, the solutions we've tried, how we went from a very old monolith to the current microservices environment. Drinks during the meeting are sponsered by: Made with Denjin (http://madewithdenjin.com/). There are just 25 spots available right now, so RSVP quickly, if you can't make it, be sure to give up your spot. * If you have any dietary restrictions, send a message! ** If you or your company want to sponsor the pizza's, send a message!