What we're about

Having participated a lot of meetups around innovative tech in my home country I am interested to see how many people would be interested in an (if feasible) monthly meetup with topics surrounding blockchain, AR/VR/XR, 3D printing and other exciting technologies.

Ideas for first meetups (I can present for any mentioned topic):

* Cryptocurrency project highlights (focus on Dutch projects if interesting)
* Rapid prototyping (FFF/FGF/SLA/SLS/DLP/CLIP etc. etc.)
* Exciting innovations surrounding AR/VR/XR (I'm less experienced in this field)
* Open source technology projects (maker scene, hacker scene etc.)

My goal is not to dictate what this group should look like but rather to create a community where we share our interests and create fun and informative meetups.

I'm looking forward to see who is interested and what we can come up with.

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