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Do you want to improve your health? Would you like to be more empowered at work or home or at play? Want to lessen your stress level, improve your health and your higher brain functioning? Then this is the place to be on the 1st Friday night of each month at 6:3-pm to 7:30. If you're a total newcomer to meditation you'll be in good company. And if you've been meditating since forever you know that the group energy of meditation can be awesome. So come on.

We ask a $15 donation to enable us to offer this program on a regular basis. However, NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY OVER MONEY. If you are financially challenged right now, just come. No worries. Someone always contributes more than their share to cover those who are temporarily struggling with finances.

HUNDREDS OF STUDIES document the positive effect of mindfulness on multiple sclerosis, heart disease, stress-related diseases. We can help you have those positive effect in your life. Call John at 248-843-3268 with any questions.

Have a friend, business partner or spouse you'd like to get meditating? Show them this.
I personally have made money and been successful in business because I was being mindful at the time and had meditated that morning.

A legion of scientific studies have shown that the practice of mindfulness meditation is excellent for reducing stress and enhancing the health of mind and body. Here's a few of the proven results of a regular mindfulness practice:

Increased immune function
Lowered blood pressure
Lowered heart rate
Increased awareness
Increased attention and focus
Increased clarity in thinking and perception
Lowered anxiety levels
Experience of being calm and internally still
Experience of feeling connected

There is evidence that the neocortex of the brain is enhanced with each 20 minutes of mindfulness, a practice you will experience at our meetup. At our meetup we will experience mindfulness meditation and also techniques for using mindfulness in your daily work life. This is huge for those of us who want to be very successful in our chosen careers. Not to mention family life.

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