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** Not accepting new members until March 1st 2022.

Usually Accepts new members on 1st day of Every Week. All events are currently maxed out with regular players. **

** Beginner memberships are only by referral and will be open for everyone after Mar 2022 **

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrKEBkhGbI ...

This group is for players who have played volleyball before and wanted to get more games. Please read all the sections.

Racism in any of its forms is not tolerated. If you have social obligations in such regards, I sincerely request to find another group.


All levels are encouraged to come to participate. Games will be played 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 or even 2 on 2 based on the player's experience.
Games will be played outdoor and in the sand courts. As we have more regular players we will introduce more rules, but in general, we try to do 3 passes bump, set, and hit but no fouls will be called even if you are not following the 3 pass rule.


Games will be played in Apex, Morrisville, Durham, Cary areas on different days based on the signups. Most of these courts are public and free to play for the city/county residents. Since these are public courts sometimes they get occupied by our other friends and residents of the area, it is not fair to occupy courts an hour or 2 hours before the play as this is not a good usage policy of county or city public parks. We will use a rotation policy to accommodate members attending that day's events.

No Show Policy:

Two no shows to the meetup will be marked as inactive and dropped from the group


Members attending are requested to maintain good sportsmanship with the use of no offensive language and respect other players on all occasions to keep the spirit of the game-high. If you are a member of other VB groups and feel like this is a lower level I would request you either not attend this meetup event or I in join the group. In case you are already a member and attending events I will not discourage you from attending, but we do not expect you to talk about other groups.

Personal Conduct:

We are here for fun. I request members to avoid using abusive language, gossiping organizer(s), or creating disharmony in the group. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any evidence of such abuse, the organizers have the right and will remove members from the group at their discretion.


If you are coming to this meetup group to pick players that you could add to other volleyball meetup groups or for your own personal private volleyball events, that is considered creating disharmony in the group and will be evicted without any notice. Once you are removed, and you did not receive a message from the organizer the expectation is that you are not supposed to attend the event. Personally reaching out to the members outside the event and adding them to the other VB groups is also against the policy of this meetup group. Marketing for personal business is also not encouraged, you are more than welcome to have a conversation.


A one-time 6$ donation is requested to cover the maintenance costs of the group for an entire year, usually collected in the month of March. You can also give me a 2$ donation per month until you can commit.

I will continue to accept a 1$ donation from each member attending the event and this is not mandatory, but all money will be used exclusively for the charity. This meetup group is for fun not for benefit/profit from it, if there are any excess funds beyond the expenses the money will be donated to St Judes Children’s Hospital or other similar non-profit organizations.


Social Distancing:

Games will be 4/4 due to quarantine regulations.
Please maintain social distancing at all times. Cover your cough or sneeze or step out of the court to avoid any kind of spread.
Please be upfront or avoid attending sessions if you are a frequent traveler or traveled in the last 14 days or avoid coming to meetup until your 2-week quarantine is fulfilled.

Please bring a ball if you have one. Equipment like 2s lines will be added as there is better attendance and more regulars show up.

Liability, Insurance:
The organizer or any of the group members are not responsible for your injuries or liabilities. We request everyone to play a safe game. I will carry band-aids out of my personal expense, but that is all the med support you can expect.

Privacy and Content Sharing: By joining you are agreeing that the admin can post the vb videos and pictures taken during the event are published to meetup group dashboard and youtube channel RTPVBMeetup channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrKEBkhGbI ...

Group admin has all rights to add or remove the members in this group. By joining this group, you are accepting the rules laid out here along with the general meetup policy agreement.

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