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*It's Back!* Rubber City Poker is designed to improve your poker game as well as play a great game of live poker. This group will play live broadcast games on 1/2 hour delay at https://www.twitch.tv/pokeronair free to view. Check the calendar for events and openings.

We have our own RFID Poker table and the equipment to produce high-quality HD video similar to our favorites of Heartland, MSPT, LATB, Windy City and others. Remember these? http://pokeronair.com/season-1-game-11-no-limit-1-2-poker

We will never rake the pot (meaning we do not take money from the game). These games are hosted for training and entertainment purposes only. The goal is to keep a reliable group of players that intend to learn from recorded play, receive commentary, be part of the local poker community determined to improve their style, understanding, and success at the table. Seeing yourself play, and seeing how others play - on top of seeing your cards and the cards, position, percentages to win and personalities you are up against is priceless in what you receive in taking your effectiveness to the next level. We are fortunate to have a service that is dedicated to making you a better player.

Cash Games:
Low stakes 1/2 and 2/5
The cash games will vary from 1/2 and 2/5
Intended games: Limit Holdem, No Limit Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha Hi Low

Tournament Games:
3 Table (27 player) games with live broadcast feature table.
2 Table (18 player) game with live broadcast feature table
1 Table (9 player) game with live broadcast table.

all games based on participation levels and interest.

The next time you sit down at a table in your local casino, wouldn't it have been nice to know what the other players had? Could you have modified your style, gameplay and bet size amount if you were more familiar with the entire strategy to make better decisions in the future!

Every game we run will include:

Dealers so you can focus on your game
1 or 2 commentators critiquing the game
1 Audio/Video mixer person
1 Chip Data Entry person to manage player action

Some games may include special table guests (amature/pros) and guest commentators via skype or in person. Those games will be posted.

Join the 'Rubber City Poker' meetup to get on the guest list and to be made aware of our calendar. Be sure to share this meetup with friends and fellow poker players - the more people we get involved with this movement the more frequently we will have games.

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