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A Double Monster Cookie – Very Fast and Long

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Time to do another roaring down the road ride passing everything in sight with good services. We are going to start in Butteville and do a wandering course up to Salem trying to stay off the same roads the Monster Cookie is using. We will sign in for the Monster Cookie ride and then go speeding down to Champoeg Park passing everything on a bike and then back to Salem and then Butteville. We will be taking short stops (Read 5 minutes or less) at the rest areas to refuel and do business. At Champoeg Park we will take 20 to 30 minutes. Last year we were on a pace line a lot of the way and we were not passed once. On this ride you must keep pace or you will be dropped. We left one person two years ago on the course as road kill. This should not be a problem because it is an organized ride with lots of support.


Ride leader: Eric J Weisenborn 503-318-5026

Date and Time of Ride: Sunday, April 28, 2013, Wheels rolling at 7:00 AM

Meeting Point: Butteville, OR store. Arrive at 6:45 AM


The Route:

Route Stats: 128 miles and 1521 feet of elevation. This is about as flat as a ride can get.

Pace and terrain rating. Our overall average speed should be 17 to 18 mph. Flat land no wind pace will be E & 1. Please note that at 17 mph the saddle time is nearly 8 hours. With stops I am hoping to be done by no later than 5:00 PM.

Type of ride: Social/Training with pace line – you need to be a strong rider or you are not going to be a happy camper.

Weather Cancellation Policy. This is rain or shine ride but a monsoon will cut the ride short.


Mandatory for all riders.

Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. This is a requirement and not a request. Obey traffic laws and remember you’re a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Represent us well!

Have their ride in good working order and bring a flat kit & the right size spare tube on all rides. If there is an issue with proper working or lack of equipment you may be asked to sit the ride out.

Please ask for help if you are ill equipped prior to the ride, we will help if we can!


Ride Difficulty Scale For Road Rides

Flatland Windless Cruising Pace

A 12 & Under

B 13-14 MPH

C 15-16 MPH

D 17-18 MPH

E 19-20 MPH

F 21-23 MPH

Terrain/Climbing Rating

1 = Flat

2 = Flat/Rolling

3 = Rolling

4 = Rolling / Hilly

5 = Hilly

6 = Hilly Mountainous

7= Mountainous