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Wed Training Ride Series

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This week's ( ) ride will be:


The Wed training ride series is ON.

Start time: 5.30PM

End time: Depends on sunlight.

Post ride details (yes, we like to put the cart before the horse!!!): Eats @ Pizzicato with 1/2 price beer & pizza and lot of good natured trash talk.

Now the ride details:

This will be either a speed fest or hill fest or a combo. Depending on what we did the previous week / the upcoming weekend ride / previous weekend ride & the weather, we will alter the route. But rest assured, this is NOT a laa-dee-dah ride. You are expected to get a workout with this ride. The only salvation is @ the end (see above for post ride details.).


Hill Fest: Climb Iowa Hill > Baldy > Mtn Home > Scholls Sherwood (is that even categorized as a hill?) > Bull Mtn

Speed Fest: Ride out to Forest Hills Golf course > Climb Bloomingfern > Hustle back to start point via 219 & Scholls Sherwood/Roy Rogers.

Or a combo/variation of the above.

If you are slow, please print out a map & ride on your own. We WILL wait for mech issues, but not if you are terribly slow. However, if you have the attitude to ride, we WILL stay with you and 'egg' you on. But know your own endurance please.

Expected pace on flats: 19+mph over 10+ miles. Climb hills @ your pace. Regroup @ intersections & top.

Bring lights. Tail lights are a MUST. Head lights are BIG PLUS.

As ever, all BoB rules apply. Your bike should be in excellent working condition. Carry spares (tubes, tires, CO2 cartridges, etc - whatever you may need to complete the ride.)

Ping me if you have any Qs.