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Farmland to the Woodburn Outlet Store

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Come on out and join us for a lazy spin through the farmlands with a stop @ the Woodburn Outlet store.

The ride is an intermediate level ride - meaning the total elapsed time for this ride will be 4 hours barring any mech issues. If we add an additional 10 miles, give an extra hour.

The route is flat with almost no hills to speak of. It is as flat as it can be in Oregon given the distance. Hence if you are not a hill climber and just looking for a quick (keyword is quick) spin, come on out & join us. We'll be nice and play ball. ;-)

Starting Point: Boones Ferry Marina

Ride Start time: 10AM (Wheels Rolling)

Distance: 50 to 60 miles

Pace: Intermediate


Ride leader: Max / Eric

Date and Time of Ride: Saturday 10/26 at 10:00 am

Meeting Point: Boones Ferry Marina


The Route (Proposed):

Please know the route. And print or download them to your GPS unit. If you are terribly slow, you will need to know how to get back.

Route Stats: ~50 miles. (Might go out to 60 if all riders are OK)

Pace and terrain rating. 17-20 mph on the flats, Hilly to Mountainous terrain.

Type of ride: This is an intermediate ride. We will regroup at hilltops and major turns. If you are concerned about your ability to keep up, feel free to give it a shot, but be a good sport and be prepared to make your own way back if the pace is too much.

Weather Cancellation Policy. Only extreme weather will cancel this ride.


Mandatory for all riders.

Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. This is a requirement and not a request. Obey traffic laws and remember you’re a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Represent us well!

Have their ride in good working order and bring a flat kit & the right size spare tube on all rides. If there is an issue with proper working or lack of equipment you may be asked to sit the ride out.

Please ask for help if you are ill equipped prior to the ride, we will help if we can!


Ride Difficulty Scale For Road Rides

Flatland Windless Cruising Pace

A 12 & Under

B 13-14 MPH

C 15-16 MPH

D 17-18 MPH

E 19-20 MPH

F 21-23 MPH

Terrain/Climbing Rating

1 = Flat

2 = Flat/Rolling

3 = Rolling

4 = Rolling / Hilly

5 = Hilly

6 = Hilly Mountainous

7= Mountainous