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Two Bridge Loop in the Sunshine (that's the prediction)

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This ride is for beginning-intermediate riders.

Let’s ride 22 miles up over the 1-5 bridge, along the river in Vancouver, and through the neighborhoods up over the 205 bridge, on the trail of Marine Drive along the Oregon side of the Columbia and back. If Channels Edge is open we will stop for coffee/snack on Bridgeton Road.

WHEN Saturday Nov. 10th at 9:15 am. Wheels rolling 9:30. Please don’t be late we may leave without you. DISTANCE, TERRAIN and RIDE DIFFICULTY RATING (see **below): B-1

POST-RIDE REFRESHMENTS: We will decide where to go after the ride as a group

RIDE LEADER CONTACT INFORMATION: E mail me on meetup if you have any questions.

WHAT TO WEAR: Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. This is a requirement and not a request. I advise against wearing cotton since it doesn’t wick moisture and it chafes. Spandex and synthetics like polyester are great.

WHAT TO BRING: Always bring plenty of water, snacks for energy, a flat repair kit, including a spare tube. A tool kit and small pump is good, but if you don’t have one there is usually someone on a group ride who does. Sunscreen, Carry a credit card and a little cash to buy refreshments and to reimburse anyone who might have to provide you with anything like a tube or a CO2 cartridge.

Mandatory for all riders.

Obey traffic laws and remember you’re a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Please represent us well.

All riders must have their rides in good working order and must bring a flat kit & spare tube on all rides.If there is an issue with proper working or lack of equipment you may be asked to sit the ride out. Please ask for help if you are ill equipped prior to the ride. We will try to help!

** Ride Difficulty Scale For Road Rides

A: 12 mph or under
B: 13-15 mph

C: 15-17 mph

D: 17-20 mph

E: 20 mph +

1: Basically flat, few rollers and no hills

2: A combination of flats and gentle rollers

3: Gentle rollers with 1 or 2 short hills

4: Moderate, rolling, short, steep hills or moderate climbs

5: Difficult terrain, longer, steeper hills and climbs

6: Mountainous terrain, frequent steep hills & long climbs

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