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Mix-ins, Delegators, Forwarders, and DCI with Yevgeniy Goyfman

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Our May meetup will take place at the Starfield office in downtown Jacksonville. Yevgeniy Goyfman will take us through Ruby's Mixins, Delegators, Forwarders and DCI:

"Ruby is a highly dynamic language but, for a variety of reasons, it only allows single inheritance. To compensate for this “shortcoming” a number of techniques have been created. In this talk, we examine Mix-ins, Delegation, and Forwarding. We will see how they are different from inheritance, and try to highlight the benefit and shortcomings of each. We will also take a look at patterns and paradigms that have emerged based on these concepts and examine their practical applications".

View the rest of Yevgeniy's abstract for the talk here:

Be sure to RSVP so we can get a good number on refreshments!

See you there.

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