Fast Rails Tests

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Almost everyone agrees that software tests are a good thing, but slow tests
can discourage developers from writing them. We'll discuss techniques for
speeding up Rails tests to encourage speedy test-driven development. We'll
cover what should and should not be tested, how to isolate the code under
test, and how to maximize coverage.

The talk will show the techniques using rspec for a Rails API, but the ideas
are portable to other frameworks.

Statistics from a current Rails API project:

Finished in 2 minutes 35.4 seconds (files took 5.11 seconds to load)
3271 examples, 0 failures, randomized with seed 3995
Coverage report generated: 44797 / 44820 LOC (99.95%) covered.

About the speaker:

Stuart Palmer has been programming since the 80s. He has worked in a wide
range of industries, including bond trading, insurance, currency trading,
commercial mortgages, and soccer programs. He currently works for Power
Auctions, which builds high-dollar value auctions for clients such as the
FCC, Okavango Diamond Company, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. He developed the FCC's current 5G spectrum auction, which has raised $1.7 billion in bids as of 4/1 (no joke).