Data Structures and Algorithms

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Join us this month as Michael Dimmitt discusses front end data structures, and a peek into a data structure in a database.

We'll walk through Sorted Arrays, Binary Search Trees, Heaps and Hashes. Michael will be packing this months talk by discussing these structures in Ruby, JavaScript, Go an Java--and possibly a few others.

He'll also discuss balancing of trees, and directed and undirected graphs.

Michael is an avid learner who enjoys exploring different technologies, and different solutions to problems. He currently considers himself an enthusiast in Elixir, a dabbler in ruby and a doer in things in JavaScript and Bash.

He attends various local technology meetups and hosts a regular Saturday Code and Coffee at Starbucks. He has also just recently launched, LunchPool, a lunch time networking app.

Be sure to mark your calendars, it's sure to be a mind-opening talk with plenty of discussion.