What we're about

We are a study group focusing on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, a spiritual visionary who lived and taught at the beginning of the 20th century. Steiner was the founder of Waldorf Education, Biodynamics, and Anthroposophy, a world view which embraces the spiritual as well as the material nature of the human being.

Steiner's complete works, inclusive of lecture material, consist of around 350 volumes, so we are never short of material! However, we only devote every other meeting to discussions of Steiner's works. On alternate meetings we will discuss works from a different author.

Current Readings are from the following two volumes:

• Rudolf Steiner, Staying Connected: How to Continue Your Relationships with Those Who Have Died

• Piero Ferrucci, What We May Be: Techniques for Psychological and Spiritual Growth Through Psychosynthesis

We are a diverse group, who often bring views from a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds, as well as the ideas of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, J.G. Bennett, and H.P. Blavatsky/Theosophy. We routinely reference the fields of philosophy, psychology and anthropology in our discussions.

Books we have read in the past include Ira Progoff's The Symbolic and the Real, Ouspensky's The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, Steiner's How to Know Higher Worlds, and Nassim Taleb's The Black Swan.

Please send an email to rudolf.steiner.lexky@gmail.com if you wish to receive email updates and links to the readings. The group meets about twice a month, and averages 8 to 10 participants. The next meeting is typically posted/announced at least one week in advance.

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