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We do two kinds of events:

Open Meetups

I organize open meetups occasionally that goes over Rumi's Philosophy, poetry, beliefs, and how he transformed from a clergyman to an ever dancing poet that didn't stop pouring human emotions for the rest of his life. Open to all who are open.


In three 3-hour sessions we take a tour of 2 of the greatest Rumi’s poems. And we do it without conventional translating. We do this by taking your heart through a fascinating journey connecting you with the love pouring from the poetry of Rumi. Workshops are paid events and I plan to tour the Northern Cal communities in 16/17 with a stop in LA. See the upcoming workshops on the meetup page.

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Rumi Meetup - With your own claws

Rinconada Library

In one of his greatest awakening poems of all times, Rumi reminds us of the powers dormant inside of each of us and how we and only we are able to bring them to the servitude of great deeds. From Moses to Jesus to Mohammad, he emphasizes that all their dazzling powers lie in you and me.

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The Shoreless Sea

Rinconada Library

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