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A shoutout to Runners groups! Thank you for creating a common space for runners and fitness enthusiasts to come together and take their passion forward and making the world a fitter place! We're sure most of you will be taking part in the prestigious Standard Chartered Marathon on the 18th of January 2015. This time we urge you to run for charity, run to transform lives! Imagine, you running a few miles can actually bring about a humongous change in the lives of many. Imagine you can run but there are many who cannot even stand on their feet forget walking or running. We, Ratna Nidhi are an NGO working towards rehabilitating such people by proving FREE Jaipur foot (artificial limbs) to limb amputees, Calipers to polio ridden, wheelchairs and tricycles. Our other projects invovle, Food for Education, Vocational Training, Terror Rehabilition, Donation of Hospital equipment and Book donation. You can find out more about us on www.RatnaNidhi.org Do you wish to run for charity?? If yes then please contact us on info@ratnanidhi.org or 022 23898930 / 08879965481 for details on charity bibs. You can find details about running for charity on the following links: 1. http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo401_ratnanidhi.htm 2. http://www.drishtant.com/stepone-community/social-network-for- social-impact/1882-ratna-nidhi-charitable-trust/profile We hope you run, so that they can walk!! Cheers Team Ratna Nidhi P.S. We Run on & on ... but on the sands of time ... our footprints remain behind!

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