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Curious about self-service Ops in your org? Currently using Rundeck? Maybe trying to start with Rundeck? Tired of Toil from an endless stream of tickets? This group is for anybody using, wanting to use, or has even a shred of curiosity about Rundeck.

Come collaborate with us, and we'll share new ideas and best-practices together! All are welcome.

Rundeck is: open-source self-service automation workflows.
• Automation, as Rundeck executes almost any automation you already have, including scripts, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins.. in any environment.. on any OS.
• Workflow, as Rundeck expands existing automation into workflows that trigger systems such as Jira or ServiceNow ticketing, logging such as Splunk, or communications such as Slack.
• And Self-Service as Rundeck extends that automation workflow to any non-privileged or non-technical user without sacrificing security or control.

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