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Aquaponics Basics, Preparing for Setting up a System: Keller, Free

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Aquaponics systems class taught by experienced system builder, Alex Kim, will cover types of systems, time investment (daily, initially), materials lists, tools required, size of system for target yield, types of plants, varieties of fish, where to obtain supplies, container sizes, edible plants, fish species, installation on your property, assembly, tools needed and other details about Aquaponics systems in order to understand what type of system you need, what amounts it will produce in edible plants and fish, time elements and what you can afford. This is an Introduction to Aquaponics, backed up with literature, for building your own system. Class is free.

Aquaponics Basic II will be offered June 4th with a demonstration and hands on lessons on building an Aquaponics system. This will be a practical application of tools and materials.

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