Choir “Razdolie” performs as part of Heritage Day Festival


IMPORTANT: If you do not intend to find me, please do not reply"Yes". If you reply "Yes" it means that you will come to the Rendez-vous point at 4:00pm to find me, and thus the other members of the Russian group. Please read the description.

I do not know the exact time that Razdolie will perform, as this may change even up to the day of the festival. Please consider the prediction of their performance time as an approximation. Please consider this event as an excuse for us to hang out together as a group, speak Russian, and enjoy a great festival.

From 4:00pm to 4:15pm, I will try to stand or sit near the sound booth, wherever that is. I may move later if there is nowhere to sit.

Come enjoy the Heritage Day Festival at Olympic Plaza! Come for 6 hours of multicultural performances, ethnic foods, and unique handicrafts. Explore the Indian Village, get face painted into a lion, jump in a bouncy castle, frolic in the water, try a new dish, or simply soak up the sun in front of the stage and enjoy the folk performances!

The Russian Folk Choir “Razdolie” will perform around 4:40pm. This time is merely a target and should be considered approximate.

“Razdolie” was created in January 2015 while organizing celebration of Maslenitza. Since everyone really enjoyed Maslenitza, they decided to continue to sing and perform to bring joy and happiness to the Russian-speaking community, and to share the culture with others. They welcome everyone who enjoys singing, and has passion for Russian culture and a desire to share it.

Events last from 12:00am to 6:00pm. Feel free to arrive earlier than the rest of the group and stay later. However, please note that the rendez-vous place and time is 4:00pm at the sound booth.

Because of the extreme difficulty in finding a person in a crowd,please do make the rendez-vous at 4:00pm. If you plan to hang out with members of the Russian conversation group please reply "Yes". If you plan to attend the festival, but you do not intend to try to find the Russian group, please do NOT reply "Yes" because I will think you will be looking for us, and I will be keeping an eye out for you at the rendez-vous point.

My cellular telephone number is[masked], and I will wear pink and orange to make myself easier to find.