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If using a rideshare app, please select "Building 21, Zone 8" (abbreviated "MPK 21.8") as your drop-off location. On arrival, please proceed to Lobby 8. You will not be able to enter via other lobbies.

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UPDATE: If you're planning on attending, please fill out this visitor pre-registration form so that we can print out a nametag for you in advance: https://forms.gle/FqqXfR1RavPqP8r56

Hello Rustaceans!

We're pleased to announce our next meetup on Thursday, August 15th, at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park. The doors will open at 6pm, and the talks will start at 6:45. Food and drinks will be provided.

We have two speakers lined up:

- Gregory Szorc (Developer Productivity Engineer at Airbnb) will be talking about PyOxidizer, a tool for producing standalone Python binaries written in Rust.

- Jeremy Fitzhardinge (Software Engineer at Facebook) will be talking about the challenges of bringing in Rust into production at Facebook, and the lessons learned that may be useful to others trying to get Rust off the ground at their own organizations.

Please note that all guests will need to RSVP or sign up for the waitlist by Monday, August 12th. The is an unfortunate restriction imposed by Facebook's campus security policy.

We hope to see you there!

- Arun

A note on transportation:

Facebook’s office is located a bit far from public transportation, and the surrounding streets suffer from very bad traffic during rush hour. As such, we would recommend planning to arrive early, as you might find yourself stuck in traffic on Willow Rd or Bayfront Expy.

The best way to get to Facebook is via a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber. Facebook’s campus has several designated drop zones for rideshares; when entering the building’s address into the Uber or Lyft app, you will be prompted to select one of these drop-off points. Please select “Building 21, Zone 8” (which may be abbreviated as “MPK 21.8” in the app) as your destination.

Guests may also drive to the meetup, but please be aware that parking capacity will be limited. If you do plan to drive, please budget extra time for parking.