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Celebrate the release of Rust 1.0!

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Rust 1.0 is being released on May 15, and we're going to make it memorable! Bring your excitement! Bring your sense of wonder! Bring your friends!

Activities will include:
* meeting and mingling with other Rust enthusiasts
* 60 second pitches for Rust-related projects/libraries/demos/etc. that may or may not exist yet
* Thrilling talks lasting up to (but no more than) 20 minutes each on exciting topics related to Rust!
* Learning opportunities! Skill-testing challenges!

It's going to be a blast. We want to celebrate a milestone in the development of the language we love, and we welcome people with any level of interest and experience.

As an extension of the Rust programming community, we require all attendees and presenters to abide by our code of conduct for this event. Learn more about it at

Call for speakers (20 minutes or less; shorter is better):
* Have you used Rust before? Tell us what was easy/hard/nice/difficult about it!
* Are you working on a project that can be demoed? Show us, and tell us how Rust has influenced it!
* Want to use Rust as a vehicle for explaining something else that excites you? Teach us!

Planned talks:
* Josh will show how easy it is to contribute to Servo, the web browser written in Rust
* Dzmitry will talk about high-level Rust libraries for graphics programming
* ...your name here?

No food allowed in the lab, unfortunately. Plan to eat before arriving, or make new friends and eat together afterwards!