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This is a monthly happy hour meetup for Stressed-out, Overwhelmed, Burned-out professional women. We come together to support each other, to share laughs and a few cocktails, and to learn easy and effective tools to manage the stress, overwhelm and burn-out of business life! How great to be surrounded by other professional superwomen who know the struggles and triumphs attendant to any high-powered career. Come join in for laughs, stories, new friends, networking, and some kick ass skills to deal with the SOB of business so you can be your best!

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SOB Happy Hour 7/22/20-- STILL ONLINE!!

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Hello! My lovely, lovely SOB sisters... I have been out of touch and I'm so sorry! And we missed our first month since our inception. Can I be honest? June was a crap show! I can tell you all about it when we meet, but suffice it to say, I am so sorry that I left you hanging, my darling sisters. I know we all look forward to the connection and sharing we get to do. Does anyone else miss going out? Going on vacation? Even just leaving the house like we used to? I miss it all, and I miss you ladies! And I can't wait to see your lovely faces and hear what's happening in your worlds. Let's get together for a happy hour! We have so much to catch up on :) **UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 and my desire to support my beloved SOB friends without contributing to the pandemic, I am changing this meetup to online format until further notice. Grab your Quarantini and meet us at your computer. That way, we can still connect and stay healthy, too! Thank you for your understanding as we go through this uncertain time together.** In the meantime, here's the schmetails for our next rendez-vous: Where: ONLINE- see link attached. When: 7/22/20 from 6:00pm-7:30pm What to bring: Your favorite food and drink or anything else you will need to enjoy your time online with us! Prizes for the drawing: I'll be giving away two prizes. If anyone in our community wants to offer something special and of value for your SOB sisters, I would be grateful and honored to brag about you and hand out your prizes in the drawing! The Agenda: As I expect everyone to arrive at different times after work, I'm intentionally keeping this kind of loose on scheduling. We will be doing a drawing of some sort around 7:00-7:30, so bring business cards to network and also to take a chance at a prize! **IF you would like to offer something for the drawing from your business, message me! I am passionate about promoting each other and if you've got something I think the group would love, I'd be happy to brag about you and your business as I do the drawing!** I'll be giving you all questions for each happy hour so as to generate fun and interesting conversations and to break the ice. We can mingle for a while and get to know each other a bit. Once we are all acquainted, I will be offering up some tools for managing stress, overwhelm and burnout. These will be simple skills you can practice in between happy hours to help keep you calm, centered and productive! The rest of our time can be spent networking, sharing, laughing and practicing your new S.O.B. skills with each other! Details, Schmetails: - You can totally bring other professional girlfriends to the happy hour. The more, the merrier! - No dress code. We will all be coming from work or other activities- feel free to come as you are in business suits, yoga pants, or whatever you're wearing. - This is an event for women to gain support, have a bit of fun and lessen the incredible stress of being the badass professionals that we are. Please remember to be kind, be respectful, and be loving and supportive towards each other. This is also a group where we can network and build new friendships or alliances. That said, please be mindful that no one likes being 'prospected' while they're trying to have a good time and try to respect each others' boundaries around sales pitches and the like. -Please make sure you cancel your RSVP if you can't come so another S.O.B. sister can take your place! I am SO looking forward to seeing the fabulous ladies who have been coming since day 1 and meeting some new members, too! Please text me [masked]) or email me ([masked]) with questions, thoughts, ideas, or concerns in the meantime. Cheers, Cynthia

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Tech Talk Law Happy Hour!!

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