Save Pinellas from More Density and Developments Rally

S - Pinellas - 912 - Patriots
S - Pinellas - 912 - Patriots
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The Tides Golf Course in Seminole,
The Bardmoor Golf Course,
Bay Pointe Golf Course.

What do these golf courses all have in common?
All three are now in the process of one stage or another of being purchased and rezoned by out-of-county or out-of-state developers to turn into mixed-use development and to further densify our already built-out county.
The County Government is actively seeking large plots of land to sink Penny for Pinellas tax dollars into to build affordable housing and more density. Golf courses are perfect and represent almost all of the open spaces we have left in Pinellas. Are they helping these deals to materialize?
In case you have not been aware of these disputes breaking out all over Pinellas, it is time you tuned in!
Please show up at the event being sponsored by the thousands of residents of these communities who have joined together to fight our County against approving the rezoning of these golf courses.