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    Daniel J Jordan Clearwater, FL
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    I'm here to put Conservative, Constitutional Republican majorities, and legislation, in all branches of Government starting with local Government.
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    Hello my name is Gisela and I live in South Pasadena. I was born in Germany and chose to come to this country for the freedom and independence it represented to me forty years ago. I am now very concerned that we will lose these unless we stand up
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    We can only depend on a few good men and women in Washington to restore our country "We The People" must now do what our Founding Fathers did, sacrifice our, Lives, Honor, Money. If not us then who?
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    I am concerned with the direction of the country.
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    The So. Pinellas 912 is the way that we win by joining forces to combat the enemies of our Republic. We surround them !!!
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    I could no longer sit by and watch as our country is being torn apart piece by piece. If I'm not part of the solution than I'm part of the problem. I would not be able to look my children in the eye if I sat back and did nothing.
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    This country has now been divided into those that will risk security to defend liberty, and those that will risk liberty to hang on to their security. I choose liberty.