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Venerable Lama Lhanang Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist dedicated to world peace and the protection of the environment. He serves as the spiritual guide and visiting teacher for Wisdom Path Centers throughout the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Asia and Canada. Born in Golok, Amdo, northeastern Tibet, Venerable Lama Lhanang Rinpoche is a spiritual teacher of the Nyingma Longchen Nyingthig Order of Tibetan Buddhism. He has studied with many great masters from different lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The Sang Long Monastery in Eastern Tibet has recognized him as the reincarnation of Ken Rinpoche Damcho, an emanation of Nubchen Namke Nyingpo (one of the 25 disciples of Padmasambhava). He shares teachings from an unbroken lineage in a way that is fresh, cross-cultural, and current for these times. He is an accomplished instructor of meditation, Anu-yoga, art, feng-shui, cultural and historical studies as well as a skilled practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Lama Lhanang supports cultural education and artists and musicians and dancers around the world.

The agenda for the Lama's visit to Sacred Lands has changed: He will be conducting Chod

Chod is a profound and extensive system of meditation and ritual, using sacred instruments(mainly the damaru), kangling music, and mantras. As a spiritual practice, it is rightly famed for its ability to transform beings and awaken them to their true enlightened potential. Chod means "to cut" as both the path and the goal is to cut away the shackles of our fixations, egocentricity, and dualistic grasping. Its twin pillars are the development of unceasing generosity and compassion, and an understanding of the true nature of the selfless, unborn fabric of reality from which we all and all phenomena arise. Chod continues to be a living tradition, with unbroken transmission of its methods and infallible results, stretching from ancient times to today's modern masters. Chod is a well-traveled though steep road to full enlightenment, as well as a powerful vehicle for helping others. $20.00 suggested donation. Rinpoche lives in California and donations help make it possible for him to be here to share his teaching.