Metamoto, RightHook, and SAE: Testing and Simulation


SAE Innnovations in Mobility presents...

Metamoto, RightHook, and SAE: Vehicle Testing and Simulation

When: Wednesday, March 21st 7-9pm

Where: Prospect SV 1608 Las Plumas Ave, San Jose


Presentation 1: Moving Toward Standardization
John Tintinalli
Global Product Group Director, Ground Vehicles
SAE International (

The rollout of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) depends upon common standards to ensure safety, predictability and consumer comprehension. John will give an overview of global research and standards activities and a sneak peak at where things are likely headed.

About the Speaker:
As the Global Product Group Director for SAE International, John is responsible for the growth and development of SAE’s automotive and commercial vehicle activity. John joined SAE in January of 2016 after two decades of management, consulting and software development. Among other accomplishments, John is known for having created the world's first SAAS logistics management system, subsequently acquired by Landstar and then XPO, and the parts logistics system used by BMW North America. A native of Detroit, you are just as likely to run into him in Silicon Valley where he hosts the monthly “Innovations in Mobility” meetup group as you are in the Motor City. Much of his focus centers around paving the way for automated and connected vehicles by promoting the timely development of standards and testing scenarios. John holds a B.S. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and an M.B.A from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Presentation 2: Automated Vehicle Simulation Use Cases
Chad Partridge
Metamoto (

Chad will demonstrate a selection of use cases important to automated driving within Metamoto's simulation-as-a-service platform.

About the Speaker:
Chad Partridge is the CEO of Metamoto, Inc., which enables safe autonomy through simulation. Train, test, debug, and validate autonomous system software with Metamoto's simulation products. Chad is an accomplished executive originally making his mark as an entrepreneur in enterprise software contributing mission critical video, geospatial metadata, and computer vision within unmanned systems markets. Starting as co-founder and then as President, he grew Sensing Systems through to its acquisition by 2d3 and then provided executive leadership through its subsequent evolution, ultimately highlighted in 2d3 Sensing's acquisition by Boeing/Insitu. Chad has been deeply involved with the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and previously served on the AUVSI and AUVSI Foundation Board of Directors. Chad has a distinguished background and education in software engineering, machine learning, computer vision, sensing, control, automation, robotics, and hardware design. He has worked on various projects involving the development of complex autonomous systems.

Presentation 3: Creating Simulations for Automated Vehicles
Jon Mullen
Co-Founder and CTO
RightHook (

In this talk, Jon will lay out RightHook's philosophy and product for creating simulations for automated driving systems. RightHook's simulation platform offers a full, closed-loop testing environment that allows companies to repeatedly and rigorously test millions of scenarios by driving, flying and navigating in virtual worlds hosted in the cloud. It has pre-release product engagements with a diverse group of customers, including automotive OEMs, next-generation mapping, and aerospace companies. RightHook dedicated to ensure the ethical development of robotics.

About the Speaker:
Jon Mullen's background is in controls engineering for automotive and aerospace. In 2016, he left Ford Motor Company to found RightHook, a company which provides simulation for autonomous vehicles.

Food & Beverage (including BEER) will be provided. Come join us for a fun and informative evening!