SAFE (Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education)

SAFE (Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education)
SAFE (Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education)
Public group

McMenamins Kennedy School

5736 NE 33rd Ave · Portland, OR

How to find us

Community Room--if you've never been to Kennedy School, you can ask at the front desk, and they'll point you to us.

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This is a meetup for discussion and education regarding spiritual abuse/thought reform, as experienced in high-control, abusive churches, groups, cults, etc. This is not a Christian meetup, and our focus is not on the Christian faith and doctrine, etc. There is no expectation for anyone to speak, no signing up for anything, no proselytizing, praying, bible, etc. However, many of the people have experienced abuse in Christian settings, so that pops up a lot. No problem--we get that! All abuse survivors are welcome, regardless of your present beliefs, non-beliefs, place in life, etc. I (Ken) am a survivor of a fundamentalist, bible-based church that was really more of a cult. I left it over 20 years ago, and am now a pastor in downtown Portland. (I'm sensitive to the fact that many, if not most, spiritual abuse survivors from churches were hurt by pastors!)
Our meetups are pretty laid back. Come and go as you like. Grab a drink or food at a bar or restaurant (McMenamins) and settle in. We usually have some sort of finger food, and coffee. We meet in the Community Room, located on the SE corner of the school.
7:00pm - 7:30: presentation of some aspect of cults, recovery, thought-reform, etc.
7:30 - 8:00: Personal stories, sharing, etc.
8:00- 9:00ish: discussion, getting to know folks, etc.
We usually have from 12-20 people attend our meetups, and there are always new attenders, so don't worry feeling like you're breaking into an established recovery group--each meeting stands alone.
For more information, please visit our Facebook page "Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education," and check out our Event invite.