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Postfix overview and advanced features

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Alastair I.


Alastair Irvine will be giving an overview of Postfix MTA including purpose, configuration and gotchas. This is an intermediate level talk that assumes prior knowledge of RFC 821 (now extended by RFC 1869 and again by RFC 5321).

He'll then cover certain advanced features like:

• message submission over port 587 (RFC 6409)


• various types of restrictions and why they matter

• milters

• How Postfix integrates with Debian and Ubuntu

If there's sufficient time, he'll briefly cover policy integration. And also (hopefully) describe the various acronyms like MTA and MSA.

Alastair Irvine runs Warpspace IT (, a one-person specialist IT consulting firm. He provides infrastructure solutions and undertakes software projects for small-to-medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations.


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