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SSH certificates talk (Alastair Irvine)

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Commonly, servers are configured such that the SSH daemon disallows the use of passwords to log in. Instead, SSH keys (using public key cryptography) are often used, which are created per user and require installation of the public key onto each server that the user needs to log in to.

SSH user certificates have been supported by OpenSSH for many years. They allow more centralised management of users' SSH public keys (through a PKI mechanism) and require less work due to better scalability when dealing with significant numbers of servers. This talk will take the form of a tutorial and demo, after which attendees should be able to quickly roll out SSH user certificate infrastructure for their own servers.

Presenter bio

Alastair is a Software Engineer and system administrator by trade. He has a BSc in Computer Science from Curtin University.

His computer-related interests lie in various areas within his trade; suffice to say that he is a "geek of many colours". :) Alastair is a die-hard FOSS user and Linux fan.

He is also a freelancer with his own business. Warpspace IT ( is a consultancy with a fairly broad focus on the technical side of IT.


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