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Webmin and Virtualmin flavoured server administration

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Everyone has heard of cPanel, and many will be familiar with other web-based server administration "panels" like DirectAdmin.

Webmin ( is a highly modular control panel that allows management of almost every aspect of a Unix-like system. It has additional plugins available to manage dozens more server tasks and software products. It can even be extended with "custom commands" that can be invoked through the GUI including the supply of command-line arguments.

Webmin is open source like ISPConfig and unlike Plesk and cPanel. It has been around since 1997 and is released under a BSD-like licence. It is one of the only cross-platform control panels, with partial support for MS-Windows.

Virtualmin ( is Webmin's sister product, a web hosting control panel that is equivalent to cPanel's Web Host Manager (WHM) module. It focusses on managing given web sites hosted on a server, rather than the resources of the server itself. When installed, Virtualmin extends Webmin and is accessed via the same port. It also utilises the same login credentials; both control panels provide a link at the top of the menu that allows switching between them instantly.

The aim of this presentation is mainly to give a brief demo of Webmin followed by an reasonably in-depth practical overview of Virtualmin including all of its high-level features with a number of live examples.

Presenter bio

Alastair is a Software Engineer and system administrator by trade. He has a BSc in Computer Science from Curtin University.

His computer-related interests lie in various areas within his trade; suffice to say that he is a "geek of many colours". :) Alastair is a die-hard FOSS user and Linux fan.

He is also a freelancer with his own business. Warpspace IT ( is a consultancy with a fairly broad focus on the technical side of IT.


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