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    Howdy, been riding–and keeping the Emergency Rooms of San Diego–busy for almost 20 years now. Yikes! Loving every minute I get to spend here on our local trails with my friends and fellow Strava addicts.
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    I love lamp!
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    I have been riding the trails of San Diego and beyond for over 20 years. Which is weird because I'm not that old. Hmmm. I raced XC and SuperD for a while, which was fun. I am semi-retired from racing now.
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    Rider from the days of cows in PQ. Yes, I am THAT old.
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    My names Evan. Im 18 and from Åre. Been in San Diego for 13 years now. I love riding all type of bikes and trying new things. I race enduro MTB
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    BEN STONE, SDMBA Board Member and avid rider. I usually get out Mountain Biking 3 days a week. Only became serious about riding this year, prior to that I was more of a weekend warrior.
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    Hi, looking forward to some fun rides with new and old friends. From La Costa/Encinitas area. Intermediate rider who loves exploring new trails, lets ride!
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    Hi, being around for a while, I ride all over but mostly in the Southbay.
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    Let's ride!
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    Mother of two awesome kids, one shelter pup, one gecko, and three hermit crabs. Was an avid rider now love to ride one to two times a week.
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    Love to MTB. Back on my bike after an almost 2 year break.
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    Just Ride
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    Retired and Riding, M-F my new 9 to 5.
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    MTB and Moto!
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    My name is Mike Jennings. I am an avid cyclist with a small beer drinking problem