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This group encourages and helps enable participants to explore, question, discover, embrace, express, share, and celebrate their individual sexuality through group discussions and the sharing of sexually related information.

Video explaining the group: https://youtu.be/Y8dVNeT3Muo

Extended version:
Is sexuality important? Does our desire to be sexual and express our sexuality keep us awake at night? Do we find ourselves unsatisfied or unable to know what we like... unable to share with our partner(s) what we want?

San Antonio, known for its deep rootedness in family and faith puts high value in maintaining our relationships, taking care of our families, and staying connected to the beliefs that keep us feeling secure.

At the same time, we tend to neglect equally important health issues that are the foundation for healthy relationships and deepening spiritual connection: OUR SEXUALITY.

It is in our sexuality that we embody this life. We share ourselves as friends, as parents and as lovers. Sexuality is greater than just our genitals. It's who we are.

In San Antonio, we've neglected the conversation around sexuality because of the crippling shame and fear we have of what it means to be sexual. This group is created to start the conversation and provide opportunities for people to learn and explore their own personal beliefs around sexuality in a safe space.

Some of the events we'll provide could be open discussions on specific sexual health topics, book clubs, educational presentations, writing erotica together or reading our own erotica excerpts, how to talk to kids about sex, what music and the arts teaches us about sex, body-positive art/craft creations, local experts that work around the field of sexuality, etc.

WE EMBRACE AND ACCEPT all genders (expressions and identity) & practice pronoun ownership/sensitivity, all sexual orientations (including asexuals/aromantics), assigned genders recognizing intersex persons, all races (being intentional to support people of color sexuality), all ages (allowing parents to guide their under 18 depending on topic), all socio-economic levels, people with disabilities (please contact me if you need accommodations), all educational levels, all relationship arrangements (mono/non-monogamous, poly, lifestyle, etc), kinks/fetishes-honoring, all religious affiliations/spirituality practices/non-beliefs.

This group asks that each person is honest and responsible for their own life experiences and choices. We are not here to judge or condemn anyone. We encourage that each person play/engage safely and responsibly in a consensual manner with all. This group is meant to be a safe space and will move in the direction that the participants need/desire.

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