What we're about

Hello everyone! We hope you have a few minutes to read through what our meetup is about:

This group is created for the sole purpose of playing tennis and having fun with players of all levels, in and out of the court.

A few times a week, check out previous meetups, that would give you an idea.

It depends on time and season. But meetups can take place all around Austin.

Who's attending?
Depending on the kind of meetup, tennis players of all levels, genders and ages, but who don't take the game -or themselves- too seriously. Our rendezvous will be in the South Austin area, but we welcome people from all around town :D

We'd like to let you know about the different kind of meetups, so you know what to expect:

We call "Playground" to meetups in which players of all levels are invited and everybody plays against and with everybody else, under the same amicable space.

Meetups begin to get competitive when they are created for solid NTPR 3.0 and up; these are called "Combat Zone"

We hold meetups also for advanced players only (solid NTPR 4.0 and more experienced players). We'll address this kind of high-energy games as "Battlefield"

For players holding a racquet for the first time, up to NTPR 3.0 sometimes we have "Practice sessions". Stay tuned.

Here's a link to assess your NTPR:


You don't have to wait for a meetup to exist so you can attend, please feel free to suggest a meetup by contacting Jorge with a quick message that includes:
-Level of players that you'd like to play with

This is a tennis group but is also about social interaction. So, happy hour gatherings are really welcome after our workouts ;)

The time and place of our tennis jamborees are determined by the group's general preferences, but we're always encouraged to try out new options. Your input is nicely received to organize this group better if you'd like to share something, suggest, complain, rant or rave, you can address it to any of the organizing dudes; we'll do our best to work with you and help making this a cool experience.

There's a yearly fee of $5 to help us keep the website running. At the end of every June and December, we'll check if you have attended at least 5 meetups and we'll make you exempt forever ;)

If you bring balls to our meetups, it's better if they're new and you mark them, if you want to keep track of them.

Bring your racquet and be prepared for a nice workout and fun times with cool people just like yourself.

See y'all there!


Please be aware that we apply the basic rules of tennis but our meetups are about practicing and interacting with the other players. If you take tennis too seriously and/or have troubles respecting others, please don't sign into this meetup :)

Here are a few other tennis etiquette traits that we can give you a sense of this group's nature:

☆This is not like other meetups in which it's ok if 70% or 80% of the people who said were going to attend actually show up. For this one, it's imperative that if you RSVP to go to a meetup, you show up for it, otherwise change your RSVP to "no", PLACES ARE USUALLY VERY LIMITED.

☆It's also common courtesy and as important to respect the people who made it into the list. If you are on the waitlist, please don't show up thinking somebody won't make it and maybe you can take their place. You can always post another meetup and invite the players on the waitlist to join you.

☆ Just like in any other social commitment, please be punctual.
☆ Most of the time we'll use public courts, please be aware that we have to share with other people, there's an hour limit of use when other players are waiting.
☆ Even when there are plenty courts, the limit for any meetup will be up to 12 players(so we can have three doubles). The point is for everybody to have the chance to play with everybody else, having too many players on too many courts makes this difficult. If you suggest a meetup and want more than 12 players, please designate one or two courts to play a one point challenger so everybody plays continuously.
☆ Generally, the configuration of every meetup is to play 4 games, switch partners, play another 4 games and so on. It doesn't make sense to go to a meetup and play the whole time with the same partners. In that case, it's completely fine to individually contact players through the meetup to schedule a full match. You can find a list of all members with level and availability on the menu More--->Files.

☆ it's never allowed and cool to get angry to expressively get angry to yourself and a most definitely no-no, to get upset with an adversary or even your doubles partner. If you see someone with this kind of behavior, please let us know.
☆ if there are balls on your court from another court, please throw or hit them (softly) back to where they came from.
☆ not cool to intentionally try to smash a ball, aiming to eyes, neck, or any other vital organs of your opponent...or partner, he, he.
☆ at Playground sessions try to bring your level down -or up, he, he- a bit, depending on the level of your opponent. It's great to help a lower level adversary have a challenging game, but let's try to keep it fun, not scary.
☆ when serving, keep at least two balls with you. If you don't have pockets and don't want to play holding a ball in your hand, after a good serve, toss it behind you.
☆ etc, um, basically, have fun and help the others have fun too.

Thanks so much y'all :-)

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Combat zone ntrp 3.0+ Sunday

Crockett High School

Battlefield ntrp 4.0+ Saturday

Crockett High School

Battlefield ntrp 4.0+ Sunday

Crockett High School

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