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A group for creatives in Stockholm to meet at an inspiring communal workspace for great ideas. We are a community that share, support, feedback, collaborate and push each other. A collective of talented freelancers, colleagues and friends with a creative mindset.
Come and initiate, participate in, or co-create projects and events such as workshops, art/design competitions, exhibitions and ...
Be a part of an inspiring network of freelancers, entrepreneurs and artists to further your practice, help set up, grow, or launch new ideas, projects and companies.
Come and join us and make it fit your needs!

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Bring Your Own Art

Swedenborgsgatan 18

Each last Thursday of the month Bring Your Own art @SBG18 Everyone is invited to bring their drawings, paintings, photo's, prints etc. All levels of creatives are welcome. Doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur, worldwide known artist, or hobbyist.. Rules: - Come with one piece of art. - Almost anything goes, preferably paper. - We ask you to stay within an A2 format. - We don’t frame, or print, we just hang your work. Have it ready to be hung and shown. We do have hanging tools and volunteers to help. - Name your price, whatever you think people will pay for it. We take 30% per sold item, for the space. - Jus keep it appropriate, please. Nothing NSFW. Why participate? A free promo for your work and opportunity to sell something. The expo will stay up for a month. If it doesn't get sold during the opening, people can come visit on request, or drop by during work hours. Everyone is welcome after 6 to stop by with their work and stay for drinks, snacks and the great company of course. Don't hesitate to send us a message us if you have any questions. We are excited to see what you'll bring. See you there!

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Present your idea!

SBG 18 - Creative co-working

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