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Networking is meeting others, business relationship, creating business
• Networking is just one of many ways to meet your ideal client or introduce an ideal client to someone that would benefit from meeting your client. • It is learning how to communicate with people who are just like you with a different personality, a different type of job. • Instead of ending the day with no energy, we start your morning meeting others that leave you wanting to meet others. • The goal of every business person is the desire to meet others and generate income. The elephant just left the room and the words on the table, I said it. • All of us have a goal to survive and income is part of that survival. Yet, networking brings out many fears in others, even though it is not meant to be fearful, it can be. Human natures brings out the fear. It is not designed to scare you away, but to engage you in learning more about who you are in business and in your personal life. At Small Business Professionals Network, you will be inspired by team of small business professionals who want more than the traditional networking groups of passing a referral around the table. At SBPN we offer skill based masterminds, trainings, roundtables, discussions and we encourage everyone to be engaged in networking. There are no guests at our meeting, everyone is included. Our mission is to support small business owners, learn about your business and how we can help you work together with like minded professionals in the community. There are successes, wins, challenges and changes and you need to celebrate over coffee. Every meeting is filled with encouragement, and information to help you move forward and meet people who want more than traditional networking. Our greatest mission. To reach a community, not just a referral within the community. At SPBN, we are. • Not Seat Exclusive - there is enough business in the area for everyone. • Not Referral Inclusive - everyone has outside connection and we want you to increase your referral network. • Not Demanding Attendance - business is why we network and we respect other commitments outside of SBPN. • Not Membership Based - every one is welcome and we do not require you to sign any agreements or long term commitments. Each meeting will have a presentation, Q&A, Roundtable or something unique. $4 donation to help support a cause that seeking funds or donations. Organizations/Causes/People we have supported. Blue Star Moms Safe Harbor Adopt A Grandparent Food Bank Cereal Drive Flowers for a member If you are interested in speaking, please let us know. We want to help you bridge your fears and welcome you into the world of true networking.

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Meet Fredericksburg's networking team of small business professionals who want more than traditional networking groups. At SBPN we offer skill based masterminds, welcome everyone that wants to be engaged in networking and learn how to network. Our goal is to support small business owners, learn about your business and how we can help you walk together with like minded professionals.

Our mission is to community within the community and not solely within a networking group. Everyone is searching and seeking new business daily and want to connect with others who are needing their business.

Visit us and learn why we are not your typical networking group.

Cost is $4 to cover the facility rate.

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