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Our Mission: We are women who are empowered in every area of our lives. We are Sistahs who make smart decisions and know our value. We call ourselves Precious Gems and we are priceless!! We bring out the best in each other! We cater to every aspect of our lives. We are true Sistah friends for life!! We are run fully by membership participation with decisions made by all present. Annually, we celebrate with an end of year holiday party! Our Membership: We are many, we are one! We are young, old, married, partnered, single, mothers and child free...the list goes on! We are very different and wonderfully similar. If you are looking for a group who will be right there with you on your journey you have found it. We accept each other exactly as we are.

Our Activities: We read several books each year and discuss them at our meetings. We also get together for events and activities. We go to movies, plays, dinner, game night, fitness activities and MORE throughout the year. We also are involved in our community and look to support our members' social ventures as selected by the group. Sistahs Book & Social Club is based in the heart of the Bay Area and we have members in surrounding cities.


Q.) I see there's a fee? How much and what does it cover?

A.) The membership fee is $125 annually and covers the costs of the food and drinks for our monthly meeting, and other expenses related to group activities. The annual fee is non refundable.

Sounds AMAZING! Q.) How do I join?

We invite prospective members to join us for an initial meeting to make sure we are a good fit before you become a member. If you want to join us for an intro meeting submit a request to join. Show us your lovely face! Please make sure your profile pic is an ACTUAL picture of you. Some of our meetings are in the homes of our members so we take this precaution. Once you request membership we will let you know the details of our upcoming intro meetings.

We reject all requests that do not have a recognizable photo of the applicant. Not to worry, just update your photo and resubmit your request.

Q.) I can't see anything on the site. What's up?

A.) All SBSC content is available only to members. We look forward to meeting you!


· Embrace our uniqueness, celebrate our differences! Be respectful and supportive of your ‘sistahs’. Our differences make us unique, and we bring different tastes in reading, a variety of interests and life perspectives to our group.

· RSVP 1-week before the monthly meeting to allow the hostess to plan accordingly. (RSVPs close at the end of the day, 1-week before the meeting).

· Attend meetings even if you haven’t read the book. Discussions will be more robust if members read at least some of the book, but you’re always welcome to attend if you haven’t read the book.

· Try to avoid last minute cancellations. If you’re not sure that you can attend a book club meeting, RSVP ‘No” ahead of time. Be respectful of the meeting hostess with late changes to RSVP, especially when in someone’s home (extra food, shopping requirements, etc.)

· If you have special dietary restrictions, let the host know at least a few days before the meeting. If the meeting will be at a restaurant, check the menu before you arrive and prepare to order a separate dish, if what the host is ordering is not in line with your dietary needs. Please check with the host about this.

· Pay for all cocktails and extra food that you order off the menu.

· During the book discussion portion of the meeting, please keep personal discussions to a minimum to allow for a full discussion of the book. After the meeting, there will be time to go more in depth into personal thoughts, observations, etc.

· Any member can suggest a meetup they feel may be of interest for other members. Please be mindful to give enough information as to cost, location and post with enough lead time so ladies can put it on their calendar.

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